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The small matter of Phil Jones

Phil Jones. Where to even bloody start on this post. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this particular move, and I wanted to delve into certain specifics of the contract, the transfer, and the clauses that Blackburn Rovers have put into place.

Jones, 19, is currently under contract at Blackburn, but if you’re a Football Manager fan, you’ll know about this, and you can actually approach him with a contract without owners permission of accept/decline on the actual transfer. Sir Alex jumped at the clause, and ultimately said, here, we’ll give you ¬£80,000 a week to join us. Jones accepted, as you would. If the most successful club in England knock on your door and you say no, you’re a fool, simple as that. Read the rest of this entry

Giggsy: Blackburn Rovers thrashing was not just a ‘one-off’

Ryan Giggs has rallied up the troops ahead of the Arsenal game at Old  Trafford on Monday night, telling them that they need to produce the same level of performance in every game, of which was demonstrated against Rovers a few weeks ago where Dimitar Berbatov hit 5 against them, and United strolled to success and won 7-1.

Giggsy being a United legend expects United to continue the sparkling form against Arsenal.

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