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Why Ashley Young is the player we need

How many times did you say, we lack that bit of spark, bit of energy or that through ball last season? Frustrating isn’t it? How many times did we need a player like Young to step up to the plate to chase a winner last year? Countless, simple as that. Countless.

Ashley Young, just 25 – is a perfect signing for Manchester United. I said it years ago, he’s a player I’ve always wanted to see at United, and it seems he’s wanted to come here too for quite a while. Young, cancelled his rather expensive wedding last week to ensure that the deal gets completed as soon as possible.

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The small matter of Phil Jones

Phil Jones. Where to even bloody start on this post. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this particular move, and I wanted to delve into certain specifics of the contract, the transfer, and the clauses that Blackburn Rovers have put into place.

Jones, 19, is currently under contract at Blackburn, but if you’re a Football Manager fan, you’ll know about this, and you can actually approach him with a contract without owners permission of accept/decline on the actual transfer. Sir Alex jumped at the clause, and ultimately said, here, we’ll give you £80,000 a week to join us. Jones accepted, as you would. If the most successful club in England knock on your door and you say no, you’re a fool, simple as that. Read the rest of this entry

Does Darron Gibson have what it takes?

It seems every club has a scapegoat. A player who always appears to fail to perform but is yet picked regularly by the manager. Darron Gibson is Manchester United’s.

Rarely have I seen praise for Gibson from United fans and it always seems it’s his fault when the team doesn’t win or performs below par. Despite this, though, Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest manager’s of all time who has won countless silverware, continues to pick him. The Northern Ireland international has made 20 appearances this season, scoring just twice, and played 58times in total for United.
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Manchester United Sink Chelsea!

Everyone knows Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich, is quite obsessed with winning the UEFA Champions League. In 2008, Chelsea reached the final, but failed again to win it in a penalty shootout against Manchester United. John Terry could have won it for his club, but slipped and put the ball wide. Then, man of the match, Van der Sar put in a top class save from a poor penalty by Anelka and won the UEFA Champions League for Manchester United in Moscow. One of the most memorable matches against Chelsea, in my opinion.

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A battling defence and hard-working midfield pave the way to the semis.

Edwin van der Sar, Antonio Valencia, Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney stand out in United’s first Stamford Bridge win since 2002. Read the rest of this entry

Stat Attack: Should we really be worried about Liverpool?

6th March 2011. The day that makes or breaks our season. The day that we go to Anfield and must win without Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and potentially Patrice Evra. Liverpool haven’t won a Premier League game since they beat Chelsea 1-0 at the bridge, a month to the day on Sunday. Read the rest of this entry

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