Our authors

Big Red M
Big Red M is the founder of Ramble United. He’s a United fan who resides in Spain. He’s an ex-season ticket holder, and visited Old Trafford frequently in his younger days while being brought up in central Manchester. Despite the fact he’s hundreds of miles away from his home, his heart has never left the Theatre of Dreams. He’s not been to Old Trafford since the Glazers took over, and he never intends to put any of his money into their pockets.

Scott Grainger
Scott is an avid writer on Ramble United. A huge fan of the Reds since he was 4 years old, he was born and bred in Manchester, but now living just outside London, he gets up to the Theatre of Dreams whenever he can. A massive fan with a very strong opinion, Scott is Big Red M’s right-hand-man, and the main editor of Ramble United.

Brittany Young
Brittany Young is a 19 year old Manchester United supporter currently residing in the USA. Passion is one thing that doesn’t run short in her love for football and Manchester United FC.

James is a 20-year-old sports-obsessed student studying to be a sports journalist. He writes mainly about his love; Manchester United.

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