Why Ashley Young is the player we need

How many times did you say, we lack that bit of spark, bit of energy or that through ball last season? Frustrating isn’t it? How many times did we need a player like Young to step up to the plate to chase a winner last year? Countless, simple as that. Countless.

Ashley Young, just 25 – is a perfect signing for Manchester United. I said it years ago, he’s a player I’ve always wanted to see at United, and it seems he’s wanted to come here too for quite a while. Young, cancelled his rather expensive wedding last week to ensure that the deal gets completed as soon as possible.

Versatility in midfield.

Versatility is something we lacked last year, a player who would be comfortable in any position required. When Antonio Valencia had that devastating injury back in the Rangers game at Old Trafford, we never really got over that and coped as we should do. Yeah, I completely agree that it’s hard to replace such an incredible talent anyway, but it would be made a lot easier if we had a player like Ashley to step up when required. Ashley’s also two-footed. It’s something that most people don’t think about much when it comes to players, and there’s not too many in the league able to do that, but he’s comfortable in any position.


In the past 4 years, he’s most definitely one of the most improved players I’ve seen, but he’s also become the most consistent too. Year in, year out, he’s always on top form. He’s always scoring goals, and he’s always providing when necessary. Form is temporary, class is permanent, but with Young, it seems he doesn’t really get the off-spells most players do, and long may that continue.

72% pass rate all last season.

Young had a 72% pass rate last season, and overall that’s very good considering he took every single set piece, and he was also the top assist for the entire squad at Aston Villa last year. Impressive.

Bargain of the transfer window without a doubt. Cost.

Wow, I never thought I’d be saying this a few years back, but £17,000,000? What a BARGAIN. Last year of his contract or not, you’d never get a player of his quality any cheaper. Sir Alex has done it again. Look at the idiots at the City of Manchester Stadium as a prime example of this, for transfer targets and pricing of players, then look BACK at us, with classy young starlets bursting through the first team bought at very low prices and affordable targets.

Another winger.

I went briefly into versatility earlier on in the post, but it didn’t quite hit the same note, wingers is something Sir Alex focuses on a lot, he’s always loved his 4-4-2, 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 with speedy wingers. Antonio Valencia and Nani are definitely our main wingers nowadays, with Giggs stepping out of the frame and becoming more of a centre midfielder. I also believe that we cannot class Park as a winger any more, he’s a runner, and if one of those two [Tony V/Nani] get injured, we’d be screwed, very much like  we were at the start of the year, but with Young, no problem at all to cope.

He’s English.

With the new rules, you need a higher amount of English players within your squad for the season, Young wouldn’t do that any harm to that list of players.

No settling in period.

This joins onto the whole being English thing, but it’s necessary to mention that he wouldn’t have to settle into the English way of life, English football, the weather etc. He’s done it all before, with many years at Villa and Watford, and he’s always lived in England.

Set pieces.

Set pieces was an issue I thought we REALLY lacked on last year. There was nobody to step up at free kicks, aside from Wayne Rooney, and to be fair he was awful the first half of the year and couldn’t hit a barn door, but with somebody like Young I’d expect the odd free kick to at least go on target, and maybe even a goal! (yeah, I said it.) Nobody has really stepped up since Ronaldo left and claimed that free kick spot.

I feel we also lacked on corners last year. Rarely did we score from a corner, I think it must of been in the 3’s and 4’s for the entire season, I used to get so frustrated seeing Giggs and Nani smashing corners aimlessly in and easily cleared. Young would sort this issue.

He’d do really well under Sir Alex.

Young is a great player, but he’s currently playing at a lower level, but I definitely feel he could step up at a higher level and perform at the level of Manchester United always do, especially under the guidance of Sir Alex, Young would do really well at Old Trafford under Fergie’s wing in my opinion.


I’d conclude by the fact he’s young, he’s only 25, he’s got his best years ahead of him, and for £17 million, I think he’s really cheap, especially in today’s market, there’s no value at all. Let’s hope he’s another Fergie miracle player. Financially? I’d rather be spending £17 million on Young than £40 million on Sanchez, and I’m sure everybody agrees with me, and anybody able to contribute to the squad with excellent set pieces, is fine by me, if it cuts my frustration, I can’t bare another season with such poor set pieces.

Welcome to Manchester United, Ashley.

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About Scott Grainger

Scott is an avid writer on Ramble United. A huge fan of the Reds since he was 4 years old, he was born and bred in Manchester, but now living just outside London, he gets up to the Theatre of Dreams whenever he can. A massive fan with a very strong opinion, Scott is Big Red M's right-hand-man, and the main editor of Ramble United.

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  1. totaly agree R.E. set pieces ,we’ve been woefull since cristiano left.Was talking with other united fans who were’nt so sure about young saying we need world class players to make the first x11 better but imo he has the potential to become world class given time,he’s intelligent,quick,scores goals and ads assists(PLENTY OF THEM)so all in all a top singing.WELL DONE FERGIE

    • Scott Grainger

      Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Totally agree, nobody’s filled the gap since Ronny’s left.

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