Who is David De Gea? An Atletico Madrid fan tells all.

Over the past few months, United have been heavily linked with Atletico Madrid keeper, David De Gea. Those rumours were proved correct when, last month, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that we’re interested in signing the Spanish stopper.

Not much is known of De Gea, so we got in contact with Julio Megía – an Atleti fan who runs the Forza Atleti blog. Julio speaks very highly of his club’s keeper, and you can read what he had to say below.

If you’d prefer to read the original, Spanish interview, click here.
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Do you think De Gea could be the answer to our goalkeeper problems, or is he overrated?

De Gea is very young keeper, but he already has two seasons of experience playing in La Liga in Spain. He also has the experience of playing international competitions with Atletico Madrid and has been the goalkeeper for all the Spanish national youth teams. He is also the goalkeeper of the Spanish Under-21s at the European Championships in Denmark.

Is David a player that can handle the pressure of being United’s number 1?

Without doubt. He will need to adapt to a new country, language, customs, United’s style of play, but De Gea is qualified to be United’s goalkeeper. I understand the doubts that the fans may have, because for many years you have had great goalkeepers such as Peter Schmeichel or more recently, Van der Sar, but David De Gea could reach those standards. I assure fans that David will be Manchester United’s goalkeeper for 15 years.

He’s obviously a very young player, but he is rated as one of the best goalkeepers of his generation. Would you agree?

Of course. If David De Gea is still working and training as usual then he will be one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world. He’ll probably be the Spanish national team’s keeper when Casillas retires.

How well does he communicate? Does he command his area well or is he quiet?

De Gea is a very quiet keeper. In his debut with Atletico Madrid, he showed that his calmness and confidence were two of his highest virtues. As an example I will say that in his debut match, at the Vicente Calderon against Zaragoza, David saved a penalty.

The fact that De Gea has conceded more goals from outside the area than any other goalkeeper in Spain has raised some eyebrows in England. Should we be worried?

I did not know that fact, but it doesn’t seem very important. I think that David will strive improve that aspect of his game in training. In addition, the Manchester United defenders are much better than Atletico Madrid, so that will help.

De Gea has already won the UEFA Europa League in his short career.

The best aspect of De Gea is his speed of movement and reflexes when in goal. In those respects, he’s unsurpassed. The part of the game that must improve is the collection of high balls. He has, at times, shown insecurity. It is an aspect that should be corrected and improved.

Would it change your opinion of David if he moved to Manchester?

The United fans should note that David is a guy who has been at Atletico Madrid for eight years. For us he’s an idol, especially for younger fans of Atletico, so we will be sad if it is confirmed that De Gea will be going to United. We would have liked to have seen De Gea as Atleti’s keeper for many years, but the current owners, the Gil family and Enrique Cerezo, are doing work that is proving very damaging to Atletico Madrid and the fans. The transfers of De Gea and Kun Agüero will do much damage to our club.

Boy do we know how you feel! Finally, do you want Tomasz Kuszczak as a replacement? Please take him!

Atletico Madrid now has another young goalie named Joel who also has very good future as a footballer. He has played very few matches in the First Division, but personally I think he should be given the opportunity to play at Atletico Madrid. I would prefer him to be given the opportunity to play instead of signing Kuszczak, for a couple of reasons: because Joel is much younger than Kuszczak and because Joel has also played for Atletico since he was a child.

Aw, really? You sure? Thank you anyway for taking the time out to speak to us, Julio. United fans wish Atleti all the best in the future, and hope that, eventually, you are rid of your current owners!

Julio Megía @forzaatletico on Twitter.

Creator of www.forzaatleti.com

Participate in the podcast This is Atleti . A podcast (available in Spanish and English) about Atletico Madrid.

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