The small matter of Phil Jones

Phil Jones. Where to even bloody start on this post. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this particular move, and I wanted to delve into certain specifics of the contract, the transfer, and the clauses that Blackburn Rovers have put into place.

Jones, 19, is currently under contract at Blackburn, but if you’re a Football Manager fan, you’ll know about this, and you can actually approach him with a contract without owners permission of accept/decline on the actual transfer. Sir Alex jumped at the clause, and ultimately said, here, we’ll give you £80,000 a week to join us. Jones accepted, as you would. If the most successful club in England knock on your door and you say no, you’re a fool, simple as that.

Now, the clause in Jones’ contract is thought to be around £16,500,000 in compensation if another club snatches him up. Jones has accepted our offer, and now Liverpool have came in and offered Blackburn £5,000,000 more. Now, this doesn’t make sense does it? They could of offered him a contract and let him decide, as ultimately in a situation like this, it’s up to the player, not the owners. Simple.

Jones chose us. He chose to come to Manchester United as he ‘wanted to win trophies.’ If he went to Liverpool obviously that won’t happen, and he’s a smart lad, he made the right choice. I’m definitely not the only one who is a bit shocked at this bid from Liverpool either, it smacks of desperation and idiocy.

To sum it up:

  • United have offered an £80,000 a week contract to Phil Jones, making him the highest paid teenager in the history of English Football.
  • This means we’ll have to pay Blackburn £16,500,000 in compensation as he’s under 21.
  • He chose us. Not Liverpool. He wants trophies.
  • Liverpool have offered a bid thought to be worth over £5 million more than what we will give Blackburn in return.
  • The transfer is the PLAYERS CHOICE. He’s chose us.
If you think he’s going to Liverpool you better read this post all over again until it sinks in.

About Scott Grainger

Scott is an avid writer on Ramble United. A huge fan of the Reds since he was 4 years old, he was born and bred in Manchester, but now living just outside London, he gets up to the Theatre of Dreams whenever he can. A massive fan with a very strong opinion, Scott is Big Red M's right-hand-man, and the main editor of Ramble United.

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  1. LFC just trying to force MUFC to have spend a bit more.

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